Stand Your Ground! Join Us!

Since George Zimmerman’s arrest in 2012 the liberal media, the anti-gun lobby, and national anti-gun personalities have all been demanding “get rid of Stand-Your-Ground legislation.”
What many people don’t understand is that these important Stand-Your-Ground protections extend to any place you are legally allowed to be; the Wal-Mart parking lot, helping a friend move, or walking in the park .  Your right to defend yourself always comes along for the ride.
Sadly, in several states without Stand-Your-Ground laws, if you are involved in a self-defense shooting you’re likely going to be questioned on what steps you took to retreat or why you didn’t just run away instead of taking defensive action.  This insane scenario would have you all but surrender your firearm to a criminal when attacked
The opposite of a “Stand Your Ground” law is a “Duty to Retreat” law.  And what about the 18 states that have “Duty to Retreat” laws? How did this happen!
Armed Citizens United has even documented several pieces of pro-gun legislation that State Sheriff’s Association lobbyists around the US have strongly opposed over the last few years!
Thats right.  Taxpayer funded anti-2nd Amendment lobbyists.  This is one of the reasons that Armed Citizens United exists.  We must oppose this movement and support the 2nd Amendment every way possible, at every level.  We don’t want to lose the battle at the Local and State levels.  But we need your support to do it!
Contact your State Sheriffs Association and/or your County Board of Supervisors to make sure of their support of Stand Your Ground laws.
Be sure to join Armed Citizens United now and find out how you can be part of what we’re doing right now in your area.  Our goal is to be active at every level (Federal, State, Local) to promote and protect the 2nd Amendment.

Stand Your Ground. Act Now. Join Us.