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Please help by sending an email or letter to Mayor Ed Lee

San Francisco has failed its law-abiding Citizens and the Constitution, again.  

 The S.F. Board of Supervisors, lead by Malia Cohen have introduced legislation that, if signed by the Mayor, requires law-abiding citizens to turn in all “high-capacity” magazines within 90 days.  Under the proposed measure high-capacity magazines are defined as “any magazine holding 10 or more rounds.” Violations of the ban carry a misdemeanor charge.

Now, some of you may wonder, “Why should I care?  I don’t live in San Francisco, and isn’t California a lost cause anyway?”

Here’s why you should care.  These state and local battles are important to all of us that believe in the 2nd Amendment.  Gun grabbers point to these types of legislation as “wins” and “momentum”.  Its important for us to weigh in on issues at every level.  Not to mention the countless emails we get everyday from California gun owners asking for support.

Armed Citizens United members, followers and all advocates of the 2nd Amendment, we urge you, take a minute to send an email or letter (provided below) to Mayor Ed Lee imploring him not to sign this legislation into law. You can use our letter or write your own.  Just remember, if you write your own letter, cursing and threats only play to a negative stereotype of our cause.  We are better than that and can get more done with a focused, direct message.

We have also attached Malia Cohen’s contact information, the one who wrote this hideous legislation, incase you want to drop her a line as well.  It seems she never took a history class and therefore doesn’t understand the importance of the people’s right to protect themselves.


Mayor Ed Lee

1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place

City Hall, Room 200

San Francisco, CA 94102

 Re:  Proposed Gun Control Legislature

Mayor Lee,

 We, concerned citizens, community members and neighbors strongly urge you. . .do not sign the recently proposed legislation restricting the sale of firearms with magazines of more than 10 rounds.  We also, implore that you do not criminalize the law-abiding citizens that currently possess “high-capacity” firearm magazines.

These measures are unconstitutional based on the the 2nd Amendment.  Also, according to all historical data available, these measures will not and do not prevent criminals from acquiring the very guns and magazines that the legislation proposes to ban.

 Again, we ask that you do not sign these anti-gun measures into law.  Doing so criminalizes law-abiding citizens and puts them at risk by limiting their ability to protect themselves.

Thank you for your attention to this important issue.




Malia Cohen

1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place

City Hall, Room 244

San Francisco, CA 94102