Armed Citizen of the Month

All of us are on the front lines every day: we are standing up for our rights, we are defending our families, friends, and places of business. To honor those who valiantly do this in the face of danger, adversity, and criticism, Armed Citizens United is pleased to announce a new initiative: The Armed Citizen of the Month.

Every month, Armed Citizens United will select one individual who either stood up and actively defended 2nd Amendment rights or used firearms to defend his/her self and/or family. We will feature this story on the Armed Citizens United Website and social media pages.

Here’s where we need you! We need you to submit your story to us. Whether it is a personal story of your own or an event you were witness to, we want to hear from our members and 2nd amendment supporters. We want to find the best, the most compelling, and the most powerful stories that are never told. Stories of Armed Citizens standing up for life and defending innocence happen daily but rarely makes the news or a notable headline. Armed Citizens United is highlighting and promoting these stories; we are supporting these brave citizens while thanking them for defending our rights.

Please send your stories to and put “Armed Citizen Story” in the subject line. Stories will be chosen based upon the situation, the bravery of the Citizen and the support of the 2nd Amendment. If you are chosen as the Armed Citizen of the Month, your story will be featured on the Armed Citizens United Website and Social Media Pages and you may be entitled to other gifts or prizes (to be named at a later time).

Thank you for standing up and defending your 2nd Amendment rights as an Armed Citizen!