The NFL is Anti-Gun

Lets stop pulling punches! Every member of the ACU leadership team sees the same thing. The NFL is again standing against the 2nd amendment (for those of you who need a quick recap please see Mr. Colion Noirs video)!

The NFL actively endorsed the Mayor’s Against Illegal Guns ad (the ads featured the NFL logos which requires NFL permission) and the NFL let Bob Costas rant without any recourse.  After these actions over the past couple of seasons we should all recognize the official stance of the NFL to be against the 2nd Amendment and against self-defense.

Some may feel these are aggressive, over the top, or agitating statements. Well, we will go further. The actions of the NFL are a grotesque example of an anti-freedom stance by a group that prides itself on catering to American traditions, wholesome values, and family entertainment.  How can anyone who loves the freedom we hold dear look at the NFL without being horribly disappointed and down right upset at the blatant disregard of our rights? I wonder what Bob Costas would have to say about all of this? We have never heard such an eloquent speaker say such ignorant and misleading things.

The NFL has also stepped on law abiding peace officers rights to carry firearms in the stadiums. They call it the “NFLs Best Practices for Stadium security” according to Chuck Cusick who is the VP of operations for the Detroit Lions. Of course citizens rights to carry has already been banished by the NFL inside stadiums, but now even off-duty police can’t carry. This of course is contrary to all things logical as stated by Roseville Police Chief Jim Berlin who was quoted in the Macomb Daily:

If they had a major problem at Ford Field there is no way Detroit police would be able to prevent some nut with a gun from hurting a lot of people, but if you had a cadre of off-duty police officers with guns, it would make the stadium so much safer.”

The NFL is willing to turn away good money from a lawful gun manufacturer who provides great military and civilian rifles. These rifles defend our troops and defend our homes. This business is paying to advertise its products on Superbowl Sunday. They are not asking for special treatment!  If you have already seen the commercial you know how tame and positive the message is; the ad could never be mistaken for militant or political in nature.

Yes, the NFL has every right to turn away a gun advertisement or any advertisement they want. We all have those same rights. That being said, we also have every right to recognize and call them out for where they stand and what they do. There was no good reason for the NFL to ban this ad. If it is the viewer uproar the NFL is worried about, we aim to make that backfire on them horribly.

We at the ACU believe that 2nd amendment supporters have a very loud voice. We have the moral high ground, we know our rights, and we will defend them and go on the offense to regain lost rights. The NFL can put together all of the paperwork, excuses, and policy legal jargon they want. They can slather on a thick layer of Bob Costas ranting about evil guns. Nonetheless, true 2nd Amendment advocates will see right through all of it and call a spade a spade.

The ACU is calling it how we see it. This is how we see it. The NFL is ANTI – GUN and does not support our police. Most of all, they do not support American Freedom.

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