Armed Citizen of the Month for December: Eric Lee

Armed Citizens United is pleased to announce that Eric Lee is the Armed Citizen of the Month for December. We also want to recognize Shannon Briley for her defense of his rights and the 2nd Amendment!

Armed Citizens United is also accepting donations to purchase Eric another firearm! From December 19th through January 12th, 100% of all donations made to Armed Citizens United will go directly to Mr. Lee for his purchase.

Eric Lee’s Story:
What would you do if you were leaving work and when you walked into the parking lot of your job, the police stopped you for no reason, asked for your license, registration, and insurance then arrested you anyway and took you to jail?

This is pretty much happened to Eric Lee in DeKalb County, Georgia. The difference between that scenario and Eric Lee’s story is that he was harassed and wrongfully arrested for practicing his 2nd amendment right to carry a legal firearm.

Mr. Lee owns a thrift store and as he was leaving work, he remembered he left his firearm back inside the store. He went back inside to get the weapon and as Mr. Lee came outside he stopped to talk to a few friends in the parking lot.

A few DeKalb County police saw him and his friends and approached them claiming they were loitering. The cops asked if he had any drugs or weapons on him. Mr. Lee explained he had a gun and a CCW license. The officers, before checking his license, immediately put him in handcuffs. The cops were literally betting with each other that the gun was stolen.

The serial numbers on the firearm were obviously clean but the officers on the scene said the caliber did not match what was in the system. At this point, the police decided to take him to jail anyway and let the courts figure it out.

In court, the original charges against Mr. Lee were immediately dropped yet his firearm has not been returned to him. In response to this unlawful arrest, The Briley Law Firm has filed a suit for Mr. Lee.

Here in America we thought we were innocent until proven guilty! That does not seem to be what happened to Eric Lee.

Shannon Briley, Eric’s Attorney, has noted that this is not just an isolated incident. She was a police officer herself and knows that this issue is common enough to be systemic not the work of a couple bad officers. Ms. Briley has been vocal that the police in the county do not look to arrest violators but they are encouraged to simply make arrests or “get bodies”. This is a scary idea for us all, especially we who take pride in living in a free society.

For the complete recount of the story, watch this interview.