“Progressive” Anti-Gunners and Progress

Banner_250x300Fellow gun owners like to list all of the reasons why the 2nd Amendment is valid. Stats, polls, reports of countless incidents where people save lives or prevent crimes with firearms are all important but the more practical and harsh realities of the gun control and 2nd amendment conversation rarely get discussed. The discussion of fatally wounding someone in self defense often remains absent from even the most popular gun advocates and groups.

However, this is the real heart of the issue. Accepting that in some situations it may take deadly force to save yourself or your loved ones is the meat and potatoes of the 2nd Amendment. You can dissect the language and legalities in perpetuity, but that is an irrefutable fact. Ask yourself: do you ever find it strange or flat out stupid that the conversation regarding self defense and preservation of life from a violent attack swings to politics and so called rational thoughts? Are we not missing the point and being too passive with our rationale when we talk about self defense from irrational criminal predators like murderers, rapists, drug dealers, and gang members.

Statistics play an important role in the defense of the 2nd Amendment; it is easy to find data showing how gun ownership prevents crime. To most reading this, that is ridiculously obvious. Nonetheless anti-gun politicians and media outlets promote every single “shooting” they possibly can to create a taboo of gun ownership and hatred towards the gun owners. The anti-gun media and political peddlers twist facts and lie so often that many of the lies become publicly accepted as facts. I am sick of playing the “where did you get those numbers from game”.

Often you will hear the anti-gunners saying things like, “We live in a free and civilized society. We should be past these deadly weapons.” Or, they imply that we should evolve beyond such barbaric tools. Many say that our Founding Fathers would be ashamed that we have such deadly weapons and the 2nd Amendment needs to be changed as the Founders were speaking about a time when less deadly firearms were prevalent.

When listening to a typical no-gun carrying, can’t protect myself or my family, type of anti-gunner I often hear the word “progressive”. These, usually self-labeled, liberals, love to think that some how human progress means getting rid of self defense technology for law abiding citizens. In this “progressive” anti-gun utopia, citizens only have the means to beg for their lives from predators and call the police to clean up what is left of their defenseless body. Sound harsh? Well it is!!! We are talking about life or death. We are talking about violent clashes between a husband and a violent offender or a mother and a child predator.

When discussing the right to carry and protect myself and my family I often take a more philosophical approach. No matter what the statistics say, no matter what the polls say and no matter what the crime rate may be, I have the right to protect myself, my family, and my property. To do this I need the tools to complete the task regardless of the situation. If someone does not believe that you should have that right, they don’t believe in freedom and they certainly don’t believe in progress. I would look at them as a person waiting to be enslaved either in the mind or body by a criminal who recognized their weak and defenseless tendencies (Sheeplike).

There is a reason why we have the term sheepdog. Americans should not regress. We should continue to be progressive especially in matters as important as the right to bear arms and self defense. Armed Citizens United is officially taking back the word “progressive” from the anti-gunners. We want more progress in the form of all state reciprocity, a reversal on Short Barrel Rifle bans, suppressors limitations and high capacity magazine bans just to name a few. Folks who agree are the real progressives! If the anti-gun plan ever did succeed we would find ourselves no longer surrounded law abiding 2nd Amendment supporting, gun owning citizens who are often coming to the aid of fellow citizens. We would find ourselves surrounded by armed wolves running rampant because the wolves do not fear the sheepdog with no teeth! We have an effort, by educational system of the United States of paying for your essay writing service? 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