Common Sense Gun Laws – The Hearing Protection Act

Recently, an organization known as the American Suppressor Association has, with cooperation from Congressman Rep. Matt Salmon and the NRA, introduced a bill that will make a big difference in the restoration of Second Amendment rights and protect the hearing of Americans that choose to exercise their rights. This bill, known as the Hearing Protection Act (or HPA, for short), has the goal of removing suppressors from the NFA (suppressors and the NFA are covered in a previous article). This would entail a few changes to the current process of purchasing a suppressor. By removing suppressors from the NFA, citizens would no longer have to purchase them from Class 3 dealers (they would remain a “firearm,” hence still requiring purchase at an FFL and the administration of a NICS background check), they would no longer have to submit the paperwork, $200 tax stamp, and no longer have to endure the long, painful wait for ATF approval (taking in excess of 4 months currently). Note that this would only apply to states where suppressors are legal for citizens to own – which is most of them. essay writer

Why is this “common sense”? Because firearm suppressors do not make firearms “Hollywood quiet” – they merely reduce the report of a firearm to around OSHA hearing safe levels (approx. 138 dB). Often they are still above this range, but the suppressor provides a slight reduction in that noise so that they do not damage your hearing as much (especially if you still wear muffs or ear plugs while shooting suppressed). This is great for hunting – that is, not disturbing the habitat as you take your game), introducing younger shooters so you don’t damage their ears, as well as home defense. Indoors, the report of a firearm is much, much more painful due to the enclosed space). In other words, suppressors are simply another form of hearing protection – not an assassin’s tool. The myths and misinformation surrounding suppressors are covered more in depth in a previous article.

Will this bill pass? It is unclear right now, but what is clear is that you can help it pass. Contact your representatives and senators in Congress to let them know that you support this bill. It is common sense, and greater freedom and safety for our ears cannot be vilified by any rationale. It will likely be an uphill battle, but any fight for greater freedom is. Remember that those in government are supposed to represent the will of the people – make them understand that this is your will.

If you would like to learn more about how to get involved or if you want to learn more about the bill, visit ASA’s website at Use Fight The Noise’s “Take Action” form to send emails to your representatives in a few easy and quick steps: