Frustrated with what’s being done for our 2nd Amendment rights?

More must be done.  Below we cite a few specific examples why Armed Citizens United decided to publically join the fight for our 2nd Amendment rights.  History has brought us to this point and we feel that things are going the wrong way with respect to our 2nd Amendment rights.

Now don’t get us wrong, we’re not trying to be overly critical or negative towards others groups.  Infighting gets us nowhere and the NRA and some of the organizations mentioned below have laid some positive ground work and won some key decisions over the years. However, these days I think you’ll agree, “more must be done.”  This is why Armed Citizens United was formed.

No More Compromise – Rights are rights, they should not be dependant on the will of a government.  Many people don’t know that for much of the 20th century the NRA supported federal gun control laws and even helped to author the 1934, 1938 and 1968 gun control acts. It wasn’t until the 1970′s that a coup took place within the NRA that kicked the anti-gun leadership out and replaced it with a more libertarian minded staff. Even after this coup there were still board members such as Joaquin Jackson who spouted their anti-gun rhetoric loudly and proudly as recently as 2006.

For these reasons we keep a watchful eye on the messaging and representation of our rights across the board.  We want to ensure that we, the people, are doing everything we can to protect our rights and ensure accountability.

At Armed Citizens United, we’ve concluded that it takes more than one or two large organizations to fight a fight on this scale.  Certainly, we can do more at the State and Local levels.  But we also believe taking a more modern, digital age approach will allow us to strengthen the voices that stand in support of the 2nd Amendment on a national stage.

Hunting Is Only Part of the Issue. In other cases there are gun rights organizations that seem to have a pointed interest in protecting hunting rights and that’s fine.  Yet, in many ways, these same groups turn their back on owners of NFA firearms and semi-automatic firearms. Hunting is only part of the issue.  There are other pressing debates that deserve equal attention.

For instance we were extremely disappointed over the NRAs attempts to block the DC vs Heller case from being heard by the SCOTUS, which turned out to be one of the most important 2nd Amendment court cases in American history.

Empty Promises. There have been several instances where 2nd Amendment organizations promised to fight an executive order by “changing or stopping” it. The promise of action certainly sounds great, but historical evidence hasn’t given us much faith in their promises to fight Obama EO’s.

One especially glaring example was back in 1986 after President Reagan signed the Hughes Amendment into law thereby banning the sale of newly manufactured machine guns to civilians. The NRA promised to “fight it in the courts” however they never delivered on their promise.  27 years later the Hughes Amendment is still enforced and nothing has been done to reverse it.

Junk. We realize fundraising is part of keeping an organization healthy and necessary to accomplish objectives.  But let’s not over do it here.  At least once a week we receive junk mail or DVDs that we didn’t order from various gun rights groups.  This material adds no value to members or the 2nd Amendment cause.

Also, junk mail costs hundreds of thousands of donated dollars in postage, design and distribution. At Armed Citizens United, we say “save it for the cause.” With a few special exceptions, our communications with members will either be through our exclusive “members area” of our website or via email.  And we promise to add value each time we reach out to you.

What’s the Action Plan?  Fear mongering, endless streams of emails and junk mail are not an action plan. Appeasement and neutrality rarely work well for those who employ such policies.  At ACU we have both long and short term goals for 2013-14 and beyond.  You can find them on our About page.

Poor Representation.  National gun groups have very poor representation at the state and local level.  Armed Citizens United is one of the only organizations focusing funding and resources on grassroots (Local), State level organizations and the next generation of gun owners.

Help us do more, help us stand in the gap. Join ACU.